The future of medical footwear.

Zombeez footwear are built with purpose – a copper control, antimicrobial shoe sole designed for safer healthcare.

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The world's first anti-microbial shoe. PPE for you and your family!

Your shoe sole is a source of pathogenic microbes and viruses (100,000 or more!) that could easily wind up in your home, spreading fatal diseases to your family. We have a solution!

We have created the world's first anti-infective shoe sole... and it is patented... so you can be sure it is scientifically validated. It's PPE for shoes. It's also PPE for your family!!! We created an R&D team of shoe designers, microbiologists and healthcare professionals, to create this amazing new product. Developed with a solid scientific foundation, by and for healthcare workers.

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  • 99.9% Effective

    Continuously reduces bacterial contamination, achieving >99.9% killing that starts within minutes after contact with the copper sole.


    The Copper Control Sole actively mitigates the colonization and spread of pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, including Covid-19).


    How it works: Pathogens make contact with our patented outsole, take up copper ions which kill all microbes. The dead pathogens then contact neighbors and kill them as well. This 'Zombie' event propagates throughout the biofilm, hence our name "Zombeez".
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Why we created Zombeez

Read the story about our intentional creation of Zombeez and how we're on a mission to keep our friends, families and communities safe through better footwear for healthcare professionals and beyond.

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