The future of medical footwear.

Zombeez footwear are built with purpose – a copper control, antimicrobial shoe sole designed for safer healthcare.

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Coming Soon–The first antimicrobial shoe sole that actively kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

You have over 400,000 bacteria on the bottom of your shoe and up to 90% of that could end up on the floor of your home. Not anymore.

Now that we have the perfect sole, we have teamed up with footwear developers and designers from Nike, Crocs and Merrill to create the perfect shoes for healthcare workers.

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    Continuously reduces bacterial contamination, achieving >90% reduction within two hours of exposure.


    The Copper Control Sole actively mitigates the colonization and spread of bacteria, fungus and viruses.


    Once the dangerous bacteria are affected by our sole, these dead bacteria bump into live bacteria causing collateral bacterial death.

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Why we created Zombeez

Read the story about our intentional creation of Zombeez and how we're on a mission to keep our friends, families and communities safe through better footwear for healthcare professionals and beyond.

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